Ceremonies offered by Cycles of Life

Our modern culture is bereft of meaningful rituals that allow us to mark life
transitions and rites of passage in a healthy way like our wise ancestors.

Think about

events in your life that might have served you better if they had been marked with a ceremony, such as death of a loved one or you have survived or recovered from something extraordinary.


Carl Jung said ceremony and ritual are essential for people to mark the important transitions of life. Ceremony is a noble and life affirming way to mark important rites of passage.

Thoughtful Ritual

gives optimal meaning and guides you on a path to your new status in a life affirming way.

Here are ceremonies that you might consider hiring me to personalize for you:

Mixed gender and same gender weddings
Family-directed Home Funerals are safe and legal in Oregon
(Embalming is not required by law)

Your ceremony may include special elements:

Your personal Story

Readings of poetry or other literature

Incorporation of family or cultural traditions

Various traditional or non-traditional rituals.

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